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The Ultimate Dog Training Online Session with Gaz Jackson

Does your dog follow you around everywhere like a shadow, chew up all your stuff, barks and whines every time he’s left on his own, this may be dependency and separation anxiety. Gaz will show you all the associated problems and how to fix this once and for all.

Does your dog drag you down the street when you try to take him for a walk and doesn’t listen to a word you say and ignores corrections and food treats. Gaz will show you how to fix this in as little as 60 seconds so your dog will walk beside you on a loose lead without pulling. Even past distractions such as other dogs.

Does your dog jump up on you, your family and guests? Gaz will show you a quick and effective way to stop your dog jumping on people and the door in as little as one session.

  • Learn how to teach your dog to stay under heavy distractions including other dogs.

  • Fix the top 10 behaviour problems fast including

  • Toilet Training and how to mat or create train your pup.

  • Stop your dog from entering certain rooms or the home with the door open.

  • Nuisance Barking

  • Mouthing hands

  • Digging holes

  • Destroying pot plants

  • Animal aggression.

  • Food aggression

  • Pulling washing off the line



  • Also get the best selling ebook from Gaz Jackson “How to Find & Select your Ultimate Dog”

  • Gaz will share with you the secrets of professional dog training, including how to select and test a puppy and adult dog and prepare them as your ultimate dog. Gaz will guide you through the maze of breeders and dog dealers and arm you with the knowledge you need.

  • Gaz will show you how to evaluate a dog for yourself or for rehousing, obedience, detection, search and rescue and protection. This easy step by step guide will take you from selection through training your ultimate dog.

This course is for.

  • People wanting knowledge before they look for their new puppy.

  • Frustrated dog owners that want to fix their dog fast.

  • Dog owners that have dogs with specific problems to resolve now.

  • People whose dog drags them down the street.

  • People with reactive dogs.

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