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Uncle Bob

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Arthur James Robert Jackson (Uncle Bob)

Written by published Author Gary (GAZ) Jackson Arthur’s Nephew. The incredible true story of the life of an international hero. From his early years to his incredible career in the RAAF during ww2 been a rear gunner and receiving the Legion of Honour the highest French order of merit for his part in the D-Day invasion.
Arthur continued his career as a Northern Territory mounted cop with black trackers and was mates with Albert Namatjira. The book takes you  into his twilight years With many incredible stories along the way from been a lion trainer in the circus to guarding the royal coaches. Arthur’s incredible story continues right up to his passing on December 1, 2019 at 101 years and beyond including his legacy.

If you have photos or stories or experiences with Arthur Jackson please submit them to or call Gary on 0419773022 WhatsApp 

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