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Gaz Jackson is one of the industries leading dog trainers training over 20,000 dogs over a 30 year period.


Gaz Jackson was born in Brisbane, Australia and during his childhood had a great interest in dogs as his father operated a security company with guard and patrol dogs. Gaz started off as a child hosing out the guard dog kennels and watching a dog trainer come in to train the guard dogs.

At the age of fifteen Gaz was involved in a dog training centre start-up business employing a Dutch dog trainer. Gaz spent the next three years helping out by agitating dogs and watching and handling dogs in obedience training.

Gaz then purchased dog training equipment from around the world, including body bite suits, rattle sticks, muzzles, and tracking and obedience gear. Gaz then purchased dozens of VHS videos on some of the greatest dog trainers in the world and spent many hours watching videos, then putting what he learned into practice.

At the age of nineteen Gary was training six to ten obedience dogs per week in a seven-day program, including a demonstration to the owners on completion. Gaz was also selling security patrol dogs locally and overseas and conducting many private lessons each week.

At the age of twenty-one the family property was sold and the family trust purchased an established boarding kennel and dog training centre. In the same year, Gaz travelled to America and completed a three-month dog training course in obedience, tracking, and protection at West Virginia Canine College.

Gaz learnt from the best dog trainers from around the world in the videos, and from his experiences at the Canine College, at seminars, and as a dog trainer, he realised the full potential of what you can achieve.

Over the next few years Gaz became one of the top dog trainers in the state of Queensland with the dog training business expanding rapidly. The average week of dog training consisted of training 10 to 15 dogs in obedience, several private lessons and working with 10 to 15 law enforcements dogs for sale and also the detection dogs. This was the dog training workload for 50 weeks per year for 25 years (1989 -2013).

Gaz then ran dog training seminars featuring some of the world’s top dog trainers, attended by dog trainers around Australia and overseas. This gave Gaz extra one-on-one time with some of the best dog trainers in the world and brought him closer to his dream of being a great dog trainer.

Gaz’s expertise continued in other dog training areas including training search and rescue bloodhounds and locating missing persons and escapees. Gaz then trained Australia’s first cadaver dogs and was used in many police and private cases, including the infamous backpacker murder investigation in New South Wales.

Gaz then trained Australia’s first private drug detection dogs and conducted private searches for schools and parents of teenage children. At the same time Gaz had a weekly TV segment on dog training on the 10:30 today show and the Ernie and Denise morning show.

Gaz also hosted a radio show on dog training for four years and produced the DVD Dog Training with Gary Jackson.

To date, Gaz Jackson has trained in excess of 20,000 dogs in obedience, protection, or detection, supplying canine and handler training to police, army, prisons, air force, and state and federal agencies internationally. Gaz has conducted several law enforcement dog training seminars with international speakers and patrons. Gaz is an international speaker conducting seminars, events, workshops, and lectures, training handlers and trainers around the world in all aspects of dog training.

Gaz now works full time as an author and speaker around Australia and overseas and provides dog training private lessons, seminars and workshops.

Dog Trainers come in all sizes and forms. What’s most impressive about Gaz Jackson is the number of things he’s achieved through dog training. It’s almost like a list of ‘World Firsts’:

• 1st Megafauna Fossil detection Dog

• 1st Bio Archaeology Dog

• 1st Quoll Detection Dog

• 1st and 2nd Koala Detection Dog

• Trained the world’s youngest Narcotic Dog at 11 weeks of age

• 1st Pigmy Blue Tongue Lizard Detection Dog

• 1st Slider Turtle and egg Detection Dog

• 1st Three Cane Toad Detection Dog

• 1st Tobacco Contamination dog for Phillip Morris

• Trained Australia’s 1st private Narcotic Detection Dogs

• Trained Australia’s 1st Cancer Detection Dog

• Australia’s 1st operational Cadaver dog and worked with Police for body searches


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