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Gaz has committed to many charities over the years as a volunteer or to raising money or donate services for several community groups. From volunteering for “Meals on Wheels” to flying to India to assist the “Vets without Borders” with the street dogs, Gaz is proud to be able to continue to serve the local and global community.

Every Dog training or Seminar tour Gaz will also provide free seminars for community groups such as Probus, Lions, Animal shelters, Foster carers and many more charities. If you run a volunteer group and need some training, education and entertainment or want to raise money for your charity then inbox me your details.


Thousands of dollars have already been raised for numerous dog rescue groups with public seminars where the group keeps 100% of all money raised. Gaz will provide this service for selected groups 100% free and in most cases cover 100% of his own expenses. Gaz will donate books and other items including private lessons at these events.


India Dog Bite Prevention talk
Medical alert dog team UK
‘Migaloo’ archaeology dog
University of the Sunshine Coast
'Migaloo' with Elder South Australia
Nifty the cane toad detection dog
University of Qld
'Chance' the cancer detection dog
‘Pigmy’ blue tongue lizard detection
Lions Club Brisbane
Rescue Group Canberra
Rescue Group NSW
Koala detection dogs
‘Migaloo’ archaeology dog
Dog Rescue group New Zealand
The team at Vets without borders
India Dog Bite Prevention talk
India Dog Bite Prevention talk

Here are some past volunteer work we have been involved in.

  • Kennel facility used as evacuation centre for RSPCA during fires.

  • Donated 40 kennels to care for displaced pets during the 2011 Brisbane Floods.

  • Kennel Facility listed in Emergency Management Queensland to house dogs during natural disasters.

  • Self-funded trip to India to assist the street dogs of Sikkim for “Vets without Borders” and provide Dog Bite Prevention seminars for thousands of school children.

  • Donated books to assist fund raising for Bali Street dogs.

  • Dozens of seminars for community groups and volunteers in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Cadaver Dog searches for many families of suspected murder victims.

  • Search and Rescue dog searches for missing persons.

  • Donated several fully trained search and rescue dogs to volunteers.

  • Self-funded trip to the UK and research for the training of a Cancer detection dog.

  • Self-funded training of Archaeology dog and searches for Aboriginal sites.

  • Trained and donated Koala detection dog.

  • Trained and donated Quoll detection dog.

  • Trained and donated Pigmy Blue Tongue Lizard detection dog.

  • Mentored and trained many volunteers on the training of environmental detection dogs, search and rescue and other speciality training.


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