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We aim to provide information and inspiration from as many sources as possible, after all, in training dogs we are also educating humans - why not make that experience as impactful as possible. If you have an interest in any of the speakers below, please get in touch and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

Gaz Jackson

Gaz is a veteran dog trainer for over 30 years training dogs and people in Obedience, Behaviour, Protection, Decoy, Scent and detection. Gaz is an international speaker and published author with numerous articles published in printed media and 1000’s of interviews on radio and appearances on TV.


Gaz is a speaker and runs training workshops in many countries covering dog training, dog bite prevention, Body language and MC for events. Gaz has had several sold out Dog Training tours for seminars and private lessons in Australia and New Zealand. Other events include USA, UK, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

Book Gaz today for your next event or staff training workshop. 

Cooper Ali-Shabazz

Cooper Ali- Shabazz is an inspirational speaker, life coach and gentleman's etiquette advocate. His practical positive self- improvement messages are entwined with knowledge of current social issues, human psychology and are presented in a tangible way so that the participants can relate his message to their own lives. He is also an accomplished martial art and self defence master with several world championship titles and has taught the use of the bite stick to animal protection officers along with the psychology that gives them an added advantage and greater self confidence in the performance of their duties.

Ocean Reeve

Ocean Reeve is an award winning publishing consultant, writing and marketing mentor and inspirational speaker. His step-by-step insight into our creative purpose helps enable the self-belief and confidence we need to express ourselves creatively. He has worked with high-profile individuals such as William Shatner, Toni Childs, Eric Bailey, Andrew Barsa and Gary Jackson in developing their published work. Ocean has spent over 20 years in the creative arts and has assisted over 3000 people in bringing their books to life and to market.

Ashley is an accomplished professional trainer with a successful track record in leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop, and deliver successful training programs. Ashley proudly conduct himself with integrity at all times and his work ethic to be a key personal strength. Ashley  uses learning, developmental and behavioural psychology to achieve the best outcomes out of my students which come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Ashley is also a very experienced and hardened dog handler with experience in security and public relation operations. Can use multiple forms of communication to handle his canine to fulfil multiple tactical environments. Throughout Ashley's  career, he has demonstrated strong competency in collaboration and problem-solving.

Ashley Taylor

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