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BOOK 1. From K9 World First’s to Murder & Mayhem

BOOK 2 Death,Karma and the Battle of Wills



Thank you Australia for the massive amount of interest in my upcoming autobiography due for release August 6-7, 2022 at the Dog Lovers Show in Sydney. This is now your very last chance to secure your copy and receive it way before the official release. BE QUICK BEFORE THE ALLOCATED PRE RELEASE BOOKS SELL OUT.



BOOK ONE - THE DOG TRAINER - From K9 world firsts to murder and mayhem
Gary {GAZ} Jackson will blow your mind in this inspirational and raw autobiography of his Dog training career. From many dog training first’s including dogs to detect Cancer, Cadavers, endangered species and pests to Explosives and drug detection dogs to the K9 experiments at his dog training facility training over 20000 dogs in his professional career.
Behind the public figure Gaz was torn apart by his Narcissistic family to be left nearly totally destroyed $50 000 in debt and homeless living is his car. “The Dog Trainer” will expose the mastermind behind an attempted murder and the Ultimate Betrayal by the most unexpected people that would have broken many men.
Gaz on the bones of his arse bites back and goes from the dog house to the penthouse in an epic journey of obsessive commitment to rebuild his career to writing his first book while homeless and touring the world as a volunteer, dog trainer and public speaker. The Dog Trainer will leave you breathless and inspire you with the great Aussie underdog spirit of never ever giving up.
BOOK TWO - THE DOG TRAINER - Death, karma and the battle of wills
The explosive sequel to The Dog Trainer: From K9 world firsts to murder and mayhem, commences as Gaz (Gary) bites back and marks his territory writing his first book whilst under financial hardship and homeless… to international speaker, volunteer and successful published author.
Many people Gary wrote about in the first book have since died; some under tragic or suspicious circumstances. Is it death by Karma, an accident, was it a failed murder-suicide but which one survived? 
Gaz takes you through his next stage of dog training from testing and raising your new dog, problem solving and, heaps on dog-bite prevention. Plus, how to conduct dog evaluations so as to check suitability for stability and training.
The fascinating sequel, The Dog Trainer: Death, karma, and the battle of wills, includes a D-Day war hero and a tragic fire that nearly claims his life, but was it deliberately lit and who was to benefit? Sadly, the dogs who saved his life perished. A nation’s response and the resultant media frenzy goes all the way up to the French President, Emmanuel Macron.
And this same man had other near-death experiences. On several occasions—one of them with Gary—he was unable to get on a plane; those same three planes crashed killing all on board. Six in each crash; a total of 18 people tragically killed.

This sequel records even further physical and financial elder abuse and reveals the total failure of many departments that are supposed to protect the elderly from predators leading to dramatic court cases. 
Some might say that karma is a bitch … Whatever you believe, you will struggle to accept that these stories and the bizarre coincidences are all TRUE, every last detail.


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